• Producer: Ingrid Olivo
    Farm: Montagu
    Region: Juayùa, El Salvador
  • Producer: Mauricio Salaverria
    Farm: Divisadero
    Region: Apaneca, El Salvador
    Mauricio's new cafe  

Original involvement

To choose his coffees, Fantôme goes to the origin to meet producers, interact with all the workers involved in production, develop development plans for the future and buy directly from the producing community at a price that honors their work and above all ensures their financial viability.In February 2019, we returned to El Salvador, to reconnect with the producers of the village of Juayùa, for whom we worked for a year, in 2016 and 2017. It was natural for us to launch the Fantôme project by buying from the producers who taught us everything.

We have not only signed contracts for the direct purchase of batches producing extraordinary coffees, but we have also laid the foundations of a plan of development in order to support and encourage coffee producers in the region who wish to make the leap into the specialty market.

Since 2019, we have directly supported our friend Ingrid Olivo who embarked on this adventure with us, buying her very first batch of specialty coffee. This process is spread over several years and we are committed to supporting it throughout this transition.

We also intend to add a new origin to our offer while respecting our commitment, which consists of putting producers at the heart of our concerns. An announcement will be made shortly on this subject, follow us to make sure you don't miss this new opportunity to discover unforgettable coffees.