Fantôme was born during a unique experience, a one-year work internship in a specialty coffee-producing community located in El Salvador, where I was introduced to all stages of production and preparation. coffee, seedlings
to tasting, through sales and export. Fantôme wants to reward all the sacrifices made by these communities to offer us exceptional coffees, to pay tribute to the dedication
and the passion of the producers.

For Fantôme, coffee always remains the property of the land and the hands that produced it. The roaster's duty is to show the conscientious work of all those involved in the production of a specialty coffee, to humbly pass on the fruit of hard work sustained only by the passion of the producers. We must not forget the challenges
they face daily.

Fantôme's promise to its customers is not limited to offering them high quality specialty coffees; it consists first and foremost in connecting them in a transparent, direct and honest way with the artisans so that they are justly thanked for their efforts, so that the fruit of their work is tasted as it should be.